Having a Good Mental Diet or a Great Attitude

A good mental diet is all about reflection, you have to think about it. How do you want to handle what life throws at you?

I’m investigating things that begin with the letter M.


Serious mental issues have a need for quality care and attentiveness. There are also those regular mental issues like a bit of stress, or feeling a bit down, or sad about something. The ones that are like a sore muscle or a tension headache, nothing serious but we get them once in awhile.

So this is my personal view on a mental diet; vaguely backed by science, totally anecdotal and the comment bar is open! Continue reading

Eat Smart Carbohydrates

Eat SmartNo one likes to analyze their food. It’s like counting calories or counting chickens before they hatch, or, like counting sheep, it puts you to sleep. You need to eat smart by knowing your low carb veggies that you like to nosh on before you eat them.

Net carbs* should be around 20 – 30 per day; find the ones you love and eat your veggies!!  Continue reading

Want to Eat Smart? Then do it smart.

Fresh-Meat-and-VegSo it’s back to the Basics

  • Eat: Meat, fish, eggs, vegetables growing above ground and natural fats (like butter).
  • Avoid: Sugar and starchy foods (like bread, pasta, rice, beans and potatoes).

The smart part is to eat when you’re hungry and only until you are satisfied. It’s that simple.

You do not have to avoid the fat that comes with the foods noted below.
You do not have to limit quantities deliberately.

You must stop eating when you feel full – if you eat mindfully you will know when this happens.  Don’t “clean your plate”,  be prepared to save it for later or to throw it out.

For hunger check how you feel: Is it hunger, thirst or something else?

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The Truth About Sitting Down

The truth is we do sit too much. This is my all time favourite infographic although sitting doesn’t “make” us fat that would be our stuffing our faces while we sit that makes us fat. We need to get up and walk / run / skip / jump up every so often to keep our bodies in motion. We like to sit; we like our food since it’s easier to get. If we had to chase down supper I’m sure we’d be much healthier. View more to see the graphic.

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