True Happiness: Impossible!

I get the feeling around this time of year that people search for something tangible to enjoy or maybe they hunt. Food is always a fav so is companionship as is a good deal.
I’m always looking for a good way to take the edge off a desirable food item. Drink water (boooring) or (my favourite) substitue. Yeah baked potato chips for real Miss Vickies – not – a – chance! How about this one: eat less of what you want. That works for me for the most part.

So tell me, how do you avoid buying that big screen LCD TV because it will make you happy? Buy a smaller one? Buy a whole bunch of good books instead? Invite yourself over to your neighbour’s house offer to bring your blu-rays and the popcorn (he’s got a huge screen projection job its like an IMAX in his basement).

My point is (and there is one I think) is that we are never quite happy, we always seem to want something. Which is too bad, conspicuous consumption is more about keeping our sense of fullness and completeness, not about satiation and satisfaction. Being mindful of so much in this world: food, breathing, loving, appreciating, caring, thankfulness, everything….

If we had less food or even just simpler food, if we read books and invited people over for card games and laughter, would that help us see that all the consumer goods in the world really don’t matter. As I sit here in the relative comfort of my recliner, the hypocrisy of my words spill forth from my Dell laptop, while I sip coffee with a great, fantastic, “I-made-this” ginger snap.

I get it and I don’t. I’ve fallen victim to this as well. Get out the hard hats people, this recession is going to be a tough one! Happy 2009!