Green Tea: Jasmine Green Dragon

green tea
Creative Commons License photo credit: craigCloutier

Although I’m more of a black tea drinker and prefer the bulk green teas this one was at least a start for now on my quest for other green teas.

I picked up this organic tea the other day and I’ve been slowly making my way through the sachets of tea bags. Its from Namasthe from Whister, BC and  unfortunately they don’t have much of a website just yet it doesn’t really matter for now, it’s the tea not the web.

It’s nice when someone gives you a hint on what to expect but in this case it probably went out the door with the box the pouches came in.

The aroma of the un-steeped tea is to die for. I could sit and smell the tea this way all day long. It has a delicate hint of jasmine as expected but has a richer scent rather than just floral; it somehow reminds me of candy floss but not that sickly sweet smell just a hint again.

I brewed it as suggested for about 6 minutes; once steeped the jasmine scent was quickly absorbed into the water. As usual there was the slight bitterness of green tea there but the subtle flavours began to return as the tea cooled.

I usually use a stoneware cup to allow the water to cool evenly but this time I used a plastic tea container I recently bought at my local grocer. Now I know plastic and hot liquids don’t sound to great, but it has a built in strainer and the ubiquitous sippy cup spout so I can keep it from getting cool while it sits on my desk at work.

Anyway, this is about the tea and it’s great. I thoroughly recommend it and for now I’ll leave the rating as: