10 Reasons Why I Don’t Blog


… and not one of them will be lack of time.
Creative Commons License photo credit: dimnikolov

10. It’s not so cool to be associated with all the dreck out there in the blogosphere or whatever you want to call it. Some are very good and I like them but most are just trying to make money…as if that would ever change.

9. I have a real job. And its not my job to blog. I don’t even want to make it a job or a hobby or an interest.

8. My interests are mine I share them in person with people I know. I don’t need pen pals , fellow bloggers or twits at Tweetups to justify my interests.

7. All that is being said about whatever I say will be countered by another 10,000 monkeys on keyboards saying otherwise and maybe even saying it better too. Go for it!

6. Life’s too short to waste in front a keyboard.  I’m sure even the monkeys would be better off eating a few bananas, playing in the tree tops, and throwing fruit at the naked monkeys every now and then

5. Topics of the day are very well and good and people should add their opinion about it whenever they can or they can focus on discussing blogging or record album art collections whatever they think is interesting and they’ll have fans. Sounds great I wish it mattered to me enough to comment any more on.

4. Blogging isn’t even on my radar anymore I don’t go to other people’s blogs, I don’t look for them, and when I find them I rarely if ever go back no matter how entertaining they are. I’ve been on the internet for 15 plus years for me its a useful tool certainly not a social medium – social for me means being part of society not a drone living in my house “socializing” with my all my peeps. Maybe I’ll tweet about that later.

3. I’ve run out of things to write about – not really (ha!) but I’m just not one of those people who have a team of writers doing product reviews and (usually there is an  “and”) trying to sell their [fill in the blank] and then writing a book about it  (10 Things to Make you a Better Blogger than a Monkey) puh-leeze no more…!

2. It’s just not something that makes me want to work at or get worked up about heck it’s taken me forever to even finish this post.

1. I don’t want to anymore.