5 Reasons Why I Should Blog (or what’s the world coming to?)

Someone very wise once told me, “Tess, you have an opinion,” then added , “however, sometimes you need to learn when to keep your mouth shut”. I haven’t learned that last part very well over the years, even though I still hear it upteen years later. If I have an opinion, damn it, you’re going to hear about it whether it’s relevant or not, or invited, or necessary, or makes sense…. Yeah, I haven’t learned the part about tact yet either. So blogging or allowing my inner “I-Should-Really-Keep-My-Mouth-Shut” voice to be stifled.

*The main reasons I’m even doing this is to counterpoint how I felt about blogging a few weeks ago. All of which is relevant under certain circumstances and I love to digress.

5. Everyone should have a way of expressing themselves without offending everyone in the room,  bus, meeting, dentist waiting room,  [fill in the blank here.] Blogging allows you to pretty well say what you want with impunity. And, as a bonus,  allows you to only offend the people who read your posts as opposed to those who don’t or give up after the first two lines. Any more than two lines and they/you run the risk of offense.

4. I love to talk. And listen to the sound of my own voice. It’s a nice voice when I hear it recorded I like it although I think I’m too much of an alto.

3. I’m interested in so much shit it fills my brain and has to leak out somewhere and somehow and blathering on about something on a web page sounds like a great way to blather. Blathering in person has its down points (you know people looking at their watches, saying they have to go bath their cat, or staring at you in disbelief that you don’t even breath when you talk, yeah you get the picture. ) Whilst blathering online is so much easier.

2. It’s so much easier to just start your thoughts, come back later to finish them after they’ve jelled for awhile and it’s kind of like writing a book only you don’t have to peddle the manuscript around to publishers or be one of the thousands of books I see on the bookshelves these days extolling the benefits of what? Life. Ach!! 140 characters or blogs I don’t need chapters.

1. I’m a very important person to myself and deserve to be able to add my voice to the chanting millions about stuff. Even if you don’t care about it.