Wellness and Illness

When you are sick what do you do? Do you go to a doctor before or after googling the symptoms? Do you want  to be prepared to match up your symptoms yourself or simply let the doctor decide?  Do you read about home remedies or only take traditional medications or both?

There is so much information about wellness and what it means out there in the cloud that no one person could possibly take all the advice of good eating and exercise (and have the right genes if you’re really lucky) and put it all into practice.  That would be sainthood and still no guarantee you’d live a pain-free life until you’re a 120.

Anytime I consider the web for information on illnesses though I use some common sense, like I don’t even look at the ads promising a cure if you send in cash (well maybe just to see how silly they are), and I wouldn’t do anything really strange and weird or beyond safety. But right now I’m looking for just a little bit weird since I’m just a little sick and tired of being sick and tired.

The past few weeks have been a bit of hell as I try to overcome a cough that, at times,  has been so bad I’ve almost blacked out.  Even now after four weeks I still cough a little bit when I talk and move around too much. So to say that it is causing me grief would be an understatement.

I googled the symptoms and I may have what is commonly called by the health profession when they’re pretty sure it’s not caused by allergies is non-allergic rhinitis.

It’s still part of the multi-billion dollar industry for all those OTC things that can possibly be considered to relieve the symptoms. Over the past couple of months I’ve contributed to that total quite well. Yeah, I had this in October too.

So where does the “wellness” come into this?

Let see what have I tried and in no particular order or time frame: a various assortment of OTC drugs and syrups, sleep, vitamins natural and supplemental, walks for a breath of fresh air, a neti pot, mentholated rubs, baths, hugging my dogs, light treadmill use, meditation, juice, water, tea, etc. etc. etc. I’m getting just a little bit frayed about all of it and on top of it all I feel guilty about missing work, missing my course classes (two out of 12) and missing a job interview. I know I can work through this and I will eventually get better but  in the meantime I am truly feeling miserable.

So what to do about it other than gripe about it?

From the website: ” Avoiding the irritant triggers which cause the symptoms is the best way to treat non-allergic rhinitis, but not always possible.” Okay so it’s not possible to move to Hawaii but I’m pretty sure my problem would go away.

There’s also trying to beat this thing but until they have a cure the best I can do is try to prevent it (okay if I’m moving  I’m leaving Alberta; Quebec or BC)

That leaves me with trying some more unusual home remedies that people swear by and again no cure but perhaps some relief for awhile.

Up first for yet another suggestion is Tomato Tea I’ll let you know how it works out and add it to my list of things to drink. I wonder what it’s like with vodka and a celery stick?

Next up, uh, oil pulling. Okay it’s doable but you’ll have to read about it to understand it.

Update 03/07/2010: The warm tomato juice did nothing for me

The oil pulling was just weird.  I used the sunflower oil as suggested and it made my teeth feel cleaner which is okay but nothing else. Also it took too long even if I was dedicated and that’s twenty minutes of morning time that is far too precious.

I’m still just using Flonase or whatever it’s called.

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