The Great Garden Adventure – Part One

March 7 2010

Gardening. It must be easy to learn, there are so many books out there, both “dummies” and ‘idiots” can do it. So it should be no problem” Right? And really this is really a continuation of my plans from last year or am I just a masochist?

Never mind. Since I have a plan and I’m probably indirectly solving the country’s deficit by helping my local greenhouse pay for some of their summer help. Aside from a few bucks here and there and some time I may actually grow something. Who knows?

So first off,  “the List”:

  • Buy (yet another) garden book or books paying particular attention to ones concerning starting seeds indoors
  • Buy a garden growing lighting system so I can start said seeds earlier than July 1 and maybe have a crop before the snow flies
  • Start all over again with the seeds and this time make a database on them and store them better, yeah yeah
  • Buy a house plant a) because I pretty well picked off my topiary myrtle bush from IKEA and b) because it may act as an inspiration
  • Check out the garden shed to see if I can salvage my little pots and stuff  – no dead bugs please
  • Make a plan as I go along – this is the easy part

So here was the plan, first of all I would head over to Lee Valley Tools : a great place to show case before you buy even if it’s a bit pricey. Then go to a garden centre – my favs are either Greenland or Salisbury (not the best website but they’re a garden centre)  both are close to home and I like them.

[simage=1,288,n,right,]@ Lee Valley bought:

  • Three books:  “Canadian Vegetable Gardening” by Douglas Green (good name), “Plant Propagator’s Bible” by Miranda Smith and “Incredible Vegetables from Self-Watering Containers” by Edward C Smith. Okay seems the Smiths are a huge gardening clan.
  • Herb Keeper – for all those tasty herbs that I’ve grown and buy and need to store especially cilantro
  • A water stick – my finger just isn’t good enough
  • Two windowsill seed starters

Lacking a south or west window and no sill means having to purchase the next items…

  • A 2-tier Floralight – basically two shelves for fluorescent full-spectrum lights
  • 4 lights for the unit cause it doesn’t come with them
  • A tabletop tarp and I hope this thing works.

@ the garden centre:

  • 262 packs of seeds…okay only 17 but I need them all
  • One unknown houseplant – but it’s green and it’s healthy
  • Good little snippers for when I’m checking out my garden – I’ll leave them at the back door so I can grab them on my way out
  • Red onion sets – last year I couldn’t find any – and I’ll trade with someone since I certainly don’t need ten
  • Schultz starter soil – love this stuff
  • Grass kit – to take to work once it’s up
  • Indoor plant spikes for work and some of my house plants

[simage=18,288,n,left,]And last but not least, my garden centre membership because I-will-be-back and 10% is as good as a Walmart’s price all things considered and the plants are healthy.

Now its all up to me to set this thing up and start growing.

5 thoughts on “The Great Garden Adventure – Part One

  1. Great stuff. Perhaps a little off topic, but would you mind if I write something about this on my tomato plant blog? I will of course, cite original source and link back to your page.

  2. hola!, thx for the info, this post was really awesome ! oooops! now it’s time to go back to my garden ! 🙂

  3. Absolutely, I’ve never grown tomatoes from seed before but as you can see my first love is gardening before blogging. I’m going to post an update very soon, uh that would be Part Three.

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