The Great Garden Adventure – Part Two

March 14, 2010

Time to build the light stand, plant the seeds and get this show on the road.  This is the second in my series of Great Garden Adventures. At first I thought I’d just dig in and plant everything I wanted and then I realized that some of these seeds will grow faster than others. I knew I had to get the tomatoes started for sure and the peppers but first up was a bit of planning.


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So I cataloged the seeds with details like growing time, height and anything I could glean from the packages by putting everything into a google doc spreadsheet. It also gave me some idea on how big the seedlings could get before I needed to repot them which hopefully I won’t have to do, but this is my first attempt at this.


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Next I wanted to know exactly what I wanted in my garden (hopefully) and most importantly what I needed to start indoors, what could be sown directly and what I wanted to put in containers so I could rotate them, like tomatoes and peppers and to keep them warm. So that involved a bit of graph paper and some planning for height, sun light needs and number of plants. I love beets and sweet peas so there will be plenty of room for these.


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I also drew a diagram for my seedling starters on graph paper so I will know what I planted at least until they become more recognizable. I’ll also be able to fill in other seeds in the ones that don’t grow with some late starters. Then I got busy.


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I ran out of seed trays so I found another use for my K-cups, I know I’m not the first to think of this but but I’ll probably have to replant these ones anyway since they’re tomatoes. So everything went under the lights and the timer were set.


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Just to get me going sooner I planted some cat grass too.

Now comes the waiting part and to see if anything grows. I suspect something will grow but its too soon to tell whether the grow lights and careful watering will actually allow me to beat the season a little more than in previous years. My biggest disappointment usually being the peppers and more of the tomatoes I like. This year I hope I can jump start some of these with my early seedlings and then not run the risk of frost like I have for so many years. Next planting March 27th and we’ll see what’s up then.

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