The Great Garden Adventure – Part Three

Whoa, where have I been for the past three months? Well, here there and everywhere but the garden adventure continues on.  So my little seedling experiment has turned out quite well so far. I had to put the seedlings in my garage due to our area’s sudden regression back into early spring (i.e. snow) . But here is a shot of my little plants as the progressed into the months of April:


Then I went on holidays for a couple of weeks and thanks to my neighbours my plants grew like mad. Unfortunately I started them I think just a bit too early as our colder spring ran far too late but here are a few more pictures showing some growth. I think they got too leggy but I planted them anyway and we shall see how it all goes.


Once it stops raining long enough I’ll post a few more pics on my garden and the containers. But for now I can honestly say the k-cups worked for seedlings probably much better than anything else as long as they were watered from the bottom. Now we’ll see if the tomatoes actually grow 🙂

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