The Great Garden Adventure – The Final Chapter

Okay, so what have I learned…well, sometimes you can try to get an early start with your garden and sometimes you just have to play it by ear. Either the seeds will grow anyway without inside help or they were planted too early inside and didn’t have the strength to survive once they got outside. But I have to remember my seedlings will never look as good as the garden centres with their experience and huge greenhouse with climate control.

So from now on I’ll stick with the basics, learn to accept the plants that will do well with an early start, know which ones can be sown directly outside even when it’s still a little cool and be ready to buy the ones that need to be planted as seedlings from the nurseries.

So first off the biggies: the tomatoes. I planted Cherry Mix to see if I could get a couple of colours,  and managed to plant four, three in Earth Boxes and one in a container. Turns out the Earth boxes were to unwieldy to move around so I’m going to use single plant containers for them next year. But I love all the colours I got; red, orange and yellow and although it seems likely there really is no difference in flavour.

The peppers were pretty easy and grew quite well . I planted a mini Bell mixed and they are tiny and some Jalapeno. Love my hot peppers I just wished they’d had enough heat to ripen but alas green they will remain until frost.

So other good things, the chard is looking good, getting old now,  but I still love it, the potatoes seem to be a hit (after my good neighbour shared her extra seed potatoes) and I never did thin my carrots so they’re tiny and wrapped around each other but no matter what, garden fresh is tasty!

It was really fun so until next year….

One thought on “The Great Garden Adventure – The Final Chapter

  1. Looks fantastic! I planted tomatoes on my balcony this year. The skins were very thick, not sure why, but the flavour was delicious! I’m jealous of your garden; balcony is not big enough for all my gardening aspirations!

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