21-Day Challenge and Burpees?

BurpeesWhat does the 21 Day Challenge and Cross Fit have in common?

It’s what I’m going to attempt to do. WOD = burpees done the right way, learn how to do them right the first time. 10 minutes or 20 minutes a day to the best of my ability.

The 21-Day Challenge In 30 Seconds

This is the Challenge. Do it for just 21 days and the results will speak for themselves.

  1. Eat real food.
  2. Avoid sugar, grains, unhealthy fats, beans/legumes.
  3. Align your carb intake with your weight goals and activity levels. <this is a biggie!! If you’re just sitting around the fire pit with a fully stocked larder – quit eating so much!
  4. Move frequently at a slow pace: Get between 2-5 hours per week of moderate aerobic exercise.
  5. Lift heavy things: Conduct 1-3 brief, intense sessions of full-body functional movements.
  6. Sprint: Go “all out” once a week.
  7. Get 8 hours of sleep every night.
  8. Get 15 minutes of direct sun exposure each day.
  9. Play! Find time to let go, disconnect, unwind and have fun each day.

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