Being Calm

I am at a personal crossroads. For the last 44 years I’ve pretty well worked non-stop. Sure there were a few months here and there that I didn’t work not including normal holidays, may ten months or so. But I figure I’ve got another 30 odd years of easy active life left, then maybe it will get challenging physically after that. Then again maybe not.

Like it is for many the current pandemic limits what we can do with our lives until we have and continue to have a viable vaccine. We can have some in-person events that need to be so carefully done but, for now, it’s really not worth having too many people involved.

I enjoy reading about things that interest me. I love to cook (not bake so much) and enjoy finding foods that I like. I enjoy getting outdoors but prefer to do it in the company of others only because I want to share those kinds of moments. I’m learning to weave which has been quite a challenge only because I took on a large project and it’s giving me some issues. I am also learning how to weave better through online courses.

My goals and the rules to live them by are simple.

Goals are:

  • Finish some crafting projects
    • Weaving the placemats
    • Hang my completed creative weaving project
    • Design and complete my Christmas cards
  • Take a walk every day and take photos of all the seasonal changes in the neighbourhood.

The rules to live by are simple: finish what I start and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Fall is actually one of my favourite seasons for the more evenly cooler days that make it easy to just get out and look around. The golden fields of the prairies with the pretty blue sky behind yellow, red, and green trees; the leaves that crunch under my feet along the sidewalks and trails; all the woodsy smells of the trees and rotting vegetation around them; cleaning up the yard and putting the pots away until next year; finishing off the final harvest of vegetables from the garden, and the beginning of a bit more isolation as it gets darker earlier. I’ll be sad when the first snow falls, as I want fall to last as long as it can. But I like winter too, especially when it’s cold and the sun is shining.

Not having to think of working for someone else is nice. Now it’s more about having to think of the next thing I want to do for me, for someone else, or for no reason at all. Live in the moment and be calm.