There is a moment in time, a pause upon a hill where there is a whiteness of winter. It’s not just an absence of colour but more a blending of textures. White upon white, cold to cold, slipping into the many shades of gray and finally a fade to black.

A fresh snowfall on a windswept prairie with the trees silhouetted against a dusky sun shrouded in a cold blanket of clouds. Continue reading

True Happiness: Impossible!

I get the feeling around this time of year that people search for something tangible to enjoy or maybe they hunt. Food is always a fav so is companionship as is a good deal.
I’m always looking for a good way to take the edge off a desirable food item. Drink water (boooring) or (my favourite) substitue. Yeah baked potato chips for real Miss Vickies – not – a – chance! How about this one: eat less of what you want. That works for me for the most part. Continue reading

On Meditation and Mindfulness

Okay let’s try this.

I find somewhere where I can sit quietly. Then I let my mind wander a bit to the noises around me until finally I calm my inner voice. I eliminate thinking about comfort or re-living a recent moment or thinking of a future action. Each time I bring myself back to the present. I can do this but it really is quite challenging at times.  Finally I calm my thoughts and just sort of drift in and out with my breath. Then I start to relax and take deep breaths.  Okay, then I try not to fall asleep. Okay, I take a nap.

I think naps help too. Continue reading

Now for something completely different: Being Nice.

It is hard for any of us to turn on the news right now. Most of it is so depressing. We hear of bailouts in the trillions of dollars. Possible job losses in the millions all over the world. And along with everything else…for North Americans, we are coming up on a season celebrated as a new beginning and a new hope.

But closer to home, I see a trend happening that is really starting to get out of control yet it doesn’t have to be that way.

As an active member of the human race am I the only one who sees people who are so caught up in their own worlds that they have lost the ability to interact with the people around them? Continue reading