The Great Garden Adventure – Part Three

Whoa, where have I been for the past three months? Well, here there and everywhere but the garden adventure continues on.  So my little seedling experiment has turned out quite well so far. I had to put the seedlings in my garage due to our area’s sudden regression back into early spring (i.e. snow) . But here is a shot of my little plants as the progressed into the months of April:


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The Great Garden Adventure – Part Two

March 14, 2010

Time to build the light stand, plant the seeds and get this show on the road.  This is the second in my series of Great Garden Adventures. At first I thought I’d just dig in and plant everything I wanted and then I realized that some of these seeds will grow faster than others. I knew I had to get the tomatoes started for sure and the peppers but first up was a bit of planning.


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The Great Garden Adventure – Part One

March 7 2010

Gardening. It must be easy to learn, there are so many books out there, both “dummies” and ‘idiots” can do it. So it should be no problem” Right? And really this is really a continuation of my plans from last year or am I just a masochist?

Never mind. Since I have a plan and I’m probably indirectly solving the country’s deficit by helping my local greenhouse pay for some of their summer help. Aside from a few bucks here and there and some time I may actually grow something. Who knows? Continue reading

5 Reasons Why I Should Blog (or what’s the world coming to?)

Someone very wise once told me, “Tess, you have an opinion,” then added , “however, sometimes you need to learn when to keep your mouth shut”. I haven’t learned that last part very well over the years, even though I still hear it upteen years later. If I have an opinion, damn it, you’re going to hear about it whether it’s relevant or not, or invited, or necessary, or makes sense…. Yeah, I haven’t learned the part about tact yet either. So blogging or allowing my inner “I-Should-Really-Keep-My-Mouth-Shut” voice to be stifled. Continue reading