Eat Smart Carbohydrates

Eat SmartNo one likes to analyze their food. It’s like counting calories or counting chickens before they hatch, or, like counting sheep, it puts you to sleep. You need to eat smart by knowing your low carb veggies that you like to nosh on before you eat them.

Net carbs* should be around 20 – 30 per day; find the ones you love and eat your veggies!!  Continue reading

The Truth About Sitting Down

The truth is we do sit too much. This is my all time favourite infographic although sitting doesn’t “make” us fat that would be our stuffing our faces while we sit that makes us fat. We need to get up and walk / run / skip / jump up every so often to keep our bodies in motion. We like to sit; we like our food since it’s easier to get. If we had to chase down supper I’m sure we’d be much healthier. View more to see the graphic.

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Being Green Isn’t Easy

Being Green isn’t easy.

Just ask a Blanchard’s Cricket frog and I’ll bet if he could talk, he’d tell you that whether it’s a habitat for frogs or for us humans, trying to be green and then staying green isn’t easy.

New Homes – Can a new homeowner even plan to “go green” and keep a yard healthy when they landscape it or is it too much?  Sadly a house is more than just the TV, some furniture and a place to plugin your cell phone.  In my opinion you may as well have a condo if you really don’t want the yard. Continue reading

Wellness and Illness

When you are sick what do you do? Do you go to a doctor before or after googling the symptoms? Do you want  to be prepared to match up your symptoms yourself or simply let the doctor decide?  Do you read about home remedies or only take traditional medications or both?

There is so much information about wellness and what it means out there in the cloud that no one person could possibly take all the advice of good eating and exercise (and have the right genes if you’re really lucky) and put it all into practice.  That would be sainthood and still no guarantee you’d live a pain-free life until you’re a 120.

Anytime I consider the web for information on illnesses though I use some common sense, like I don’t even look at the ads promising a cure if you send in cash (well maybe just to see how silly they are), and I wouldn’t do anything really strange and weird or beyond safety. But right now I’m looking for just a little bit weird since I’m just a little sick and tired of being sick and tired. Continue reading

Green Tea: Jasmine Green Dragon

green tea
Creative Commons License photo credit: craigCloutier

Although I’m more of a black tea drinker and prefer the bulk green teas this one was at least a start for now on my quest for other green teas.

I picked up this organic tea the other day and I’ve been slowly making my way through the sachets of tea bags. Its from Namasthe from Whister, BC and  unfortunately they don’t have much of a website just yet it doesn’t really matter for now, it’s the tea not the web. Continue reading